Friday, 29 July 2011

Tyma and Dizzy- Barber Mills

When Tyma and Dizzy first got in contact with me for a photoshoot with a "Crossroads" feeling to it. I was kind of stumped. I didn't really know of too many actual crossroads that would have given is the feeling these two artists were trying to convey. I, being a big fan of urban exploration and urban decay, thought of Barber mills, in Georgetown.

To me, this place seemed to be where one would have to decide to remain and keep on hustling, or abandon your foundations in an attempt to strike out on your own somewhere else and start anew.

This broken down paper mill gave me that feeling. After climbing through a hole in the barbed wiire fence, we were inside a gold mine of photo ops. What ensued would turn out to be some of the best on location creaive portraits I've worked on in a while.

At one point we heard a crazy Ruckus and a bunch of guys with Airsoft Pellet guns came barreling around the coruner, guns ablaze. We worked them into the shoot of course! Gotta seize the moment. They were all "Gung-ho" (no pun intended) to be part of the action.

They were very easy to shoot, and were open to any and all ideas. They were also great at being told when a look wasn't working for them. Their open attitude towards my direction and trust in my creative process was greatly appreciated and I look forward to one day working with them again in the near future.

Katie Alves

WOW!!!! I am super pumped to announce I'll be doing a shoot with the one and only Katie Alves, this August. The concept is still top secret. (Shhhhhh)

 Katie does the most amazing illustrations with makeup that I have seen in my  career in the photography world. Her wonderful work has been featured on several TV Shows including CTV's Canada AM.

Her designs are innovative and out of the box. She is not afraid to break away from the conventional norms of make up artistry.

We begin shooting mid august. Watch for further details, as no doubt the photos will be EPIC!!!!!

Jenna- Makeup by Kate Nadon

Kate and I werew itching to do something impromptu, so we got together with Jenna and went exploring in the building my studio is in. Its a very old Factory Loft building in the core of old Kitchener, so there are always nice vignette's and interesting areas we can get into to get some edgy shots.

Jenna was great to work with, and I hope she'll come on for another project in the future. We got several great images that really spoke to me. There was creeping Ivy which had grown inside the building through a window, so we of course had to incorporate that. :)
Kate's Makeup skills were on point as usual, and I love working with er. She and I have some very exciting prjects in the works. Stay tuned.

The Simon Sisters

A great group of girls. We were doing some portfolio work on the rooftop of my studio. No ambient lighting, so we did it essentially blind. Two Nikon strobes (sb-600's in Wireless mode) one with a fong half cloud diffuser, the other with a shoot through umbrella.   The Girls did such a great job. I didn't realize until the first flash went off when we were shooting against the brick wall, that it was covered in graftiti, especially with colors that would lend themselves so well to the clothing. I found it gave a very 80's B-Boy feel to the shoot.

Anyway, the makeup was done by Katerina Simon (aka Sweetness), with photography, and artistic direction by yours truly.

 This was one of the few times I've used the sb-600's this way, and I must say I do prefer studio lighting, but they sure did the trick. We did a quick wardrobe change and on to a different, and more refined look. I liked the contrast of the playfullness of the Wild 80's B-Boy, and the sophisticated edgy look of the black wardrobe.

I was very pleased at how each sister's personality seems to shine through. I get a different feeling with the expression and emotions converyed in the faces of each one. I really loved how they turned out in black and white.

As always, another successfull shoot with Katerina Simon. Her makeup skills are amazing and I can't wait to work with her again.

Simo Hammond

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Avont Inc

After meeting with JRD on a previous Project for Kanati Clothing, I ended up getting signed on to do some more work for this Media Consortium (yup, I just called it a consortium, fancy eh?)

The amount of work and opportunities for me to expand my portfolio with this group are awesome, and they are a wonderful bunch of people to work for. Very dedicated and they truly are a family.  Most of the stuff I shot for them will be released later this year, but here are a couple of shots already in production and use in current marketing both digitally and hardcopy printed materials.

                                                Prynze and Juvy (A- Grade)
Miss Yee

Lex Marcello

And you can see how some of those images are being used.

for example. I took a detail shot of the mixing board, just because it caught my eye

Which then became this...

And so forth 

Stay tuned, More to come.

2011 DJ Stylus Awards

My First Red Carpet event thanks to my new affiliate Avont Inc.  (

What a trip. Seeing so many of the artists and celebs I have seen and heard on tv and Radio, was a great experience for me. Most were a lot more down to earth than I had expected. I had the pleasure of meeting Maestro Fresh Wes and wow! He looks exactly the same, even after all these years. Being one of the pioneers of Canadian Hip Hop, I for sure had to capture him, as well as take a fan shot with him (I know, I know) Last time I saw this cat live, I was 15, in Ottawa @ Canada Day, Landsdowne Park. 16 yrs ago, LOL!!!

                                                           Myself and the Maestro

Another artist I was excited to meet was Bishop Brigante.  I love this guys music. Been a fan since back in the day ("Thats the way" and "Don't touch that")  Bishop was really down to earth and easy to approach. He was a class act all the way.

Myself and Bishop

Seeing industry leaders like 2Rude and Keisha Chante, and Jully Black was amazing as well 

Even George Strombolopolous was in attendance. I remember when he host of The Punk Show, then host of The NewMusic, MuchLOUD and MuchNews.

I also ran into Shawn Desman, who I've previously shot in during an appearance in Waterloo, On, @ Cameo Night club. 140 University Ave West.

Big thanks to JRD from Avont Inc. This cat knows everyone I tell you!

You can see many more of the photos and Canadian Celebs you love by visiting the Avont Inc. Facebook page.  Just click the link below.

More to come from me, so stay tuned!